Pre-Purchase Survey

This comprehensive inspection service is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel. The purpose of this marine survey is to provide the buyer with the necessary tools to make informed and balanced decisions regarding the vessel and to evaluate its general condition and overall operation prior to purchase.

The pre-purchase marine survey report is specifically tailored to provide a clear and realistic assessment of the vessel. It includes a detailed breakdown of recommendations made by the marine surveyor, which are clearly graded as being essential, recommended or advisory. This can be a useful  tool to negotiate specific repairs or price adjustments with the vendor as well as  serving as a maintenance and repair checklist post purchase.

Pre-Purchase Marine Survey

This marine survey usually includes a sea trial and the buyer is strongly encouraged to attend.  At the conclusion of the inspection, a debrief  is conducted by the marine surveyor to go over the findings and to answer any questions whilst still aboard the vessel.

The scope of this marine survey includes, but is not restricted to, the following principal areas:

  • Identifying the vessel and its major components by using hull, registration and serial numbers where available.
  • Identifying any defects, damage and previous repairs where visible by non destructive methods.
  • Evaluating the structural integrity of the hull (internal and exterior), deck and superstructure.
  • Reporting on the condition of the mast spars and rigging from deck level using binoculars.
  • Sails will  be raised and unfurled during sea trial, any sails bagged below may be inspected ashore if conditions are suitable
  • Reporting on the machinery installation and the condition of the engine(s) as far as can be ascertained from their operation during sea trial and basin tests.
  • Report on the installation of the fuel, LPG and water systems including tankage and plumbing.
  • Report on the electrical installation and operation, both AC and DC.
  • Report on the Navigation systems and their operation as far as is practible.
  • Fire and safety equipment are checked.

A pre-purchase marine survey does not include:

  • Compression testing of machinery or oil analysis.
  • Internal inspection or pressure testing of tanks.
  • Destructive analysis of hull and deck structures
  • Invasive inspection of hidden spaces or inaccessible areas.
  • Hardware and fastenings are not removed for evaluation.
  • Navigation instruments are not tested for accuracy.

Our pre-purchase marine survey report is accepted by financial institutions and can be used to obtain insurance cover.

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